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Dr Carlien Neethling

I am Dr Carlien Neethling (known as Carlien van Rensburg after being married).

I was born in a small town in the North West and completed my studies at the University of Pretoria. Thereafter I completed my internship at Victoria Hospital in Wynberg, Cape Town and partly at Steve Biko Hospital in Pretoria.

For my community service, I was placed in more rural areas of North West; where I saw a different side of medicine.

After completing my service years, I started working as a GP in Roodepoort, Gauteng.

When the Covid era started; I went to work in the Covid and Trauma/Medical ICU at Helen Joseph Hospital in Johannesburg. This was a bittersweet time, but an experience I will truly

never forget.

I then worked in a Microbiology lab for a few months until my husband and I moved to Cape Town. And wow! How we love it!

I really love general medicine, but have special interests in skin care, nutrition, and gut health. I also enjoy doing small procedures like wart/mole removals, abscess drainage, stitching, or whatever might be the requirement.
I am always open to new ideas and challenges; so expect lots of new services at the practice.

We are offering a brand new IV drip menu (which offers phenomenal benefits), and will soon offer additional skin care treatments, aesthetics, amazing weight loss programs and a 1-month total holistic health program.

Fun fact about me: In my free time I love to run and cycle, and I am always keen to hike a mountain (I do it for the view)!

I hope to see you as a patient in my practice soon! I love building relationships with my patients and it is of utmost importance to me to ensure you get offered the best possible treatment.

And remember: “We only have two homes; earth – and our body. Look after both”.

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