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Exclusive Medical Services

Our aim is to provide personalised high-quality private General Practice care to individuals, families and companies.


In essence, time is dedicated to the patient in a tranquil and calm atmosphere.

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General Medical Services

At our Cape Town medical practice, we deliver care for acute and chronic diseases. We manage acute and minor ailments, chronic disease and lifestyle management, as well as full medical examinations and testing. In our waterfront practice

Nutritional Therapy

At our Cape Town medical practice, we believe that nutrition is essential for a healthy lifestyle. We offer a range of nutritional therapies including intravenous nutritional therapy. The Waterfront Medical IV lounge will provide you with a relaxing and tailored intravenous (IV) nutrition experience.

Holistic Medicine

At Waterfront Medical we follow an integrative and holistic approach to illness and diseases. Here your Cape Town doctor will provide you with a tailored medical experience in order to deliver

precision medical care.

Hair Loss Management

Our personalized approach to male and female hair loss provides you with a precise and cost-effective hair loss treatment plan. We offer genetic (DNA) testing for weight loss as well as testing for systemic factors and conditions that might cause or aggravate hair loss.

Weight-loss Management

As part of our anti-ageing and aesthetic medical care, we provide you with weight-loss evaluation and management for short- and long-term results. We have a range of oral and IV weight loss treatment options as well as local lipolysis and fat-dissolving injections to assist with body sculpting

Anti-Aging & Aesthetic Medicine

At our Cape Town practice, we offer a comprehensive approach to anti-ageing and aesthetic medicine. By taking an integrative and functional medicine approach, our goal is to reverse and prevent certain ageing effects.

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