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Hair Loss treatment

Waterfront Medical offers a holistic approach to Hair Loss 

No matter the reasoning, Hair loss is a scary and disheartening ailment that can happen to anybody. And with so many different reasons for it to happen, so many people can be left concerned that they will not be able to treat and manage their hair loss.

At Waterfront Medical, we understand the fear that comes from hair loss and that is why we have created a personalized holistic approach to find the reason for the loss and then create a cost-effective hair loss treatment plan to tackle both male and female hair loss. and offers a full range of services that cater to all ranges of hair-loss treatment. 


Our Cape Town Medical Practice offers a full range of treatments for short and long-term hair loss. For more information about our treatments or any of our other services, feel free to contact us today and one of our friendly team will be happy to set up a consultation with our Doctor

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What Causes Hair Loss?


Did you know that hair loss is not only just for older men but can actually be a common occurrence for both Men & Women? 

However, the reasons behind hair loss can be different for everyone and those “how to prevent hair loss” articles you find online, as accurate they may be, may not be right for you because the reason for your thinning, shedding or hair loss could be different to the problem, they have created the solution and tip for.

As we said, there are many different reasons, why you could be experiencing this thinning, balding or shedding of your hair. From Vitamin Deficiencies to Medical Ailments, or from genetics to a hormone imbalance. 

Luckily, there are many ways to treat and manage hair loss. Especially once the root cause has been identified. And although, we would highly recommend that you consult your doctor or schedule an appointment with us to determine the cause. We have put together some reasons why you may be experiencing hair loss

Causes For Hair Loss Are:

Vitamin Imbalance:

One of the main reasons for hair loss may be due to an improper diet and vitamin imbalance.
As hair is made up of protein, having a diet that does not have enough protein may cause your hair follicles to weak and therefore lead to hair loss or thinning


Lacking Vitamins such as Vitamin C/B/E as well as iron deficiency has also been known to affect hair growth and strength.


Stress can do weird things to our bodies. Including hair loss. When the body is stressed, it can release the hormone cortisol, which can affect the hair follicle and may result in thinning or hair loss. This is called telogen effluvium

Hormone Imbalance (changing Hormones)

Hormones are powerful chemical messengers that can be found in your body. And although these are important factors in how your body works, in certain situations, a change in hormones can lead to hair loss. This can be a case for men, who have a change in a derivative of testosterone called DHT, but also a case for women, who may be switching, stopping or starting birth control, which can lead to hair loss.

Female & Male Pattern Baldness:


Pattern baldness is a type of hair loss caused by a combination of genes and hormones that usually make the hair recede. This is often the case for men. 

However, there have been known to be cases of female-pattern baldness. Which occurs when the hair follicle shrinks so much that hair doesn’t grow. This type of hair loss though can be genetic.

Autoimmune Disease:


Autoimmune diseases such as Alopecia Areata and Lupus have been known to cause hair loss on the scalp and other parts of the body.


 To Find out more about Alopecia Areata & Lupus. Contact us today!

Medical Substances and Drugs


Medications are an important factor when it comes to the healing of our bodies because let’s face it. Our bodies are amazing and can do anything but sometimes they need a bit of extra help to fight off ailments and give our bodies the boost it needs to tackle any diseases. But sometimes the medications that we need can lead to our hair thinning and leading to hair loss.

Cosmetic Altering: Hair Dying, Constant Styling, etc

We understand you are all about staying about the various trends and looking your best on every occasion. And we respect it but did you know that although there is nothing wrong with wanting to style and alter your hair, the constant styling and hair treatments may lead to your hair falling out? 

Medical Conditions

Certain Medical Conditions can also be the cause of hair loss, conditions such as diabetes, eating disorders, autoimmune diseases, anaemia and thyroid complications. If you think you may have any of these diseases or conditions, it is best to consult with your general practitioner.

How Waterfront Medical helps you manage Hair Loss

We totally understand that having a doctor you can trust is vital for you to get better and to put into place the various treatments and care that you need to improve your health. That is why we have created a personalized and holistic approach to serving our patients and their health needs. 


Whether it is dealing with hair loss, weight management, general care or any other need, you can rest assured that with Dr Carlien and the team, you will be treated with dignity and care while knowing that we will do everything we can to come up with the very best solution for your health needs or concerns. 


When it comes to our Hair Loss Treatment and Management. Waterfront Medical has a personalized way of ensuring that we care for our patients and find the answer to their needs. 


Firstly we start with a personal meeting with our patients, where we take time to time to hear from them, hear their concerns and fears. We also take them through their daily habits and symptoms, as well as any other stresses or underlying things that may be the causes of their hair thinning. Such as eating habits work life, home life, etc.

Secondly,  once we have spent time hearing from our patients, we will run the necessary tests to identify the root cause of the hair loss. And once we have then identified the cause we will create a cost-effective solution that will provide the best results and care. 


Lastly, we will schedule regular check-ups to ensure that the treatment plan is working as effectively as possible and help you to either scale back or improve the treatment to fit your new needs.

Contact Waterfront Medical about our Hair Loss Treatments


At Waterfront Medical, we offer a personalized solution to assist all of our clients with all types of Hair-Loss issues, whether it be Androgenetic Alopecia, Chemo-Therapy or Stress-related. Waterfront Medical has a team that is ready to assist you in not only performing Hair-Loss Management but is also available to answer any questions that you may have.

For more information about our Hair-loss Management Treatments or other Waterfront Medical Treatments. Or Ready to Schedule a Medical Consultation. Our team over at Waterfront Medical is ready to assist you in a safe and friendly environment.

Schedule your appointment today, by contacting us by Cell Number, Email or Contact Form

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Waterfront Medical offers a range of Hair-Loss Treatments and Weight-Loss Treatements

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For more information about Hair-Loss Treatments or to Schedule your appointment today, contact us by Cell Number, Email or Contact Form

We look forward to hearing from you!

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