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Waterfront Medical Offers Holistic Medicine

At Waterfront Medical we follow an integrative and holistic approach to illness and diseases. Located in the heart of Cape Town at the V&A Waterfront. Dr Carlien and Her team will provide you with a tailored medical experience in order to deliver personalized holistic medical care.


We believe that the prevention of disease, as well as addressing its root cause, is crucial for good health and longevity. We are affiliated with multiple companies in order to provide you with a comprehensive range of DNA tests and optimal nutritional support

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The Solution of Integrative and Holistic Medicine

With more and more healthcare options available, it can be difficult to find what’s right for you. This is especially true if you’ve found yourself dissatisfied with the conventional western medicine approach. Now more than ever, people have begun seeking alternative solutions, such as functional and integrative medicine which provides a safer and more natural healing process.

Conventional medicine focuses on treating and easing symptoms but often overlooks determining the root cause of the condition. It also sees the body as a set of independent systems, with doctors focusing treatments on a single system rather than viewing all systems as interconnected. In addition, many conventional medicine patients feel appointments are too rushed and impersonal, with doctors spending as little as 5-10 minutes with individuals.

For this reason, many individuals are seeking a more holistic medical approach to their healthcare by switching to a functional and integrative alternative. With this modality, doctors treat the whole person—mind, body, spirit, and emotions. They also seek to truly develop a partnership with the patient by taking the time to listen to them and learn about what factors in their life may be affecting their help.

On average, holistic and integrative medicine doctors will spend 30-45 minutes with the patient. A holistic integrative medicine doctor will partner with the patient to heal and balance the whole person to achieve optimal health

How to schedule a Holistic Medicine Appointment with Waterfront Medical? 

Waterfront Medical is ready to assist you in creating a Personalized Holistic Solution that not only cures the ailment but finds the root cause, solving the problem once and for all. All while providing a comfortable and safe environment to help you discover and remove the issue for good. 

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Personalised & Preventative Medicine offered by Dr Michele

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